Courage & Courtesy



Trinity College will be the best school, and it will provide a holistic learning environment
which will produce multi-dimensional citizens who are committed to excellence and who
will contribute to the growth and development of Trinidad and Tobago.



Trinity College will provide a balanced all-round education in a disciplined environment.
It will nurture confident, independent thinkers by encouraging academic excellence, healthy lifestyles,
effective communication, environmental sensitivity and moral and spiritual values.
Our aim is for all students to become culturally aware, socially conscious and lifelong learners.



Trinity College was founded as a private secondary school in January 1958 at Melbourne Street in Port of Spain.
It was established through the efforts of the Very Revd. Benjamin Vaughn, then Dean of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity,
and the Anglican Diocese in order to provide a sound secondary education for boys.
This developed from an earlier project organized by the Cathedral Parish, which showed the need for a secondary school.
Trinity College was established by Act No. 19 of 1964; it is the only school in Trinidad established by an Act of Parliament.

In January 1959, upon application, the college became a government-assisted secondary school and thus
a public secondary school. Students are admitted either on the basis of the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA)
or transfer tests and/or other approved criteria with the approval of the Ministry of Education. From September 1987,
girls have been admitted into the Sixth Form.

The Governing Body of Trinity College, chaired by the Dean of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the
Ministry of Education share responsibility for the College. A Board of Management appointed by the
Governing Body of Trinity College with the approval of the Bishop of the Diocese monitors the development
and growth of the school and takes action as required within set policy. The Bishop has the authority of the post of Visitor.

The Teaching Service Commission appoints the teaching staff after recommendations by the Board of Management
to the Ministry of Education.

Funding is provided mainly through grants from the Ministry of Education. Donations and fund raising
projects organized by the PTA, the College and the Alumni Association supplement these grants.

The Governing Body of Trinity College, the staff and the Parent/Teacher Association, with the government's assistance,
strive to create and maintain conditions under which each student can achieve his/ her best in all areas
of endeavour with courage and courtesy. The rules of the College set a minimum standard of behaviour
and a simple routine to which each student must adhere if this goal is to be realized.

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