Ag Principal: Ms Ann Niles


Ag Vice Principal: Ms Davis

Math / I.T. Department

Co-ordinator: Ms. Daniel

Ms. Jackson: Technical Drawing
Ms. Stenson: Technical Drawing
Mr. Romany: Mathematics
Mr. Tsoi-A-Sue: Mathematics
Ms. Samaroo: Mathematics
Mr. Rigsby: Mathematics
Mr. Harper: Mathematics
Mr. Dolly: Information Technology
Ms. Daniel: Information Technology


English Department

Head of Department: Mr. Norgriff

Ms. Tempro: Theatre Arts
Ms. Theodore: English
Mr. Pierre: English
Ms. Boisson: English
Ms. Cedeno: English
Ms. Charles: English
Mr. Norgriff: Visual Arts
Ms. Mc Intosh: Visual Arts
Ms. Toppin: Music
Ms. Moffett: Music


Foreign Language Department

Co-ordinator: Mr. Mc Lean

Mr Mc Lean: French
Ms. Collins: French
Mr. Alexander: Spanish
Ms Hicks: Spanish
Mr. Joseph: Spanish

Science Department

Co-ordinator: Ms. Persad

Mr. Lindsay: Physics
Ms. Persad: Chemistry
Ms. Seedarnee: Biology
Ms. Jagroop: Physics
Mr. Pile: Biology
Ms. Foncette: Chemistry
Mr. Campbell: Physical Education
Mr. O'Connor: Physical Education
Mr. Sandy: Agricultural Science


Modern Studies / Business Department

Head of Department: Ms. Richardson

Ms. Richardson: Accounts
Ms. Workman: Accounts
Ms. Lett: Accounts
Ms. Westfield: Economics
Mr. La Rose: Business
Ms. Miller: Social Studies
Mr. Canterbury: History
Mr. Williams: History
Ms. De Souza: Geography
Ms. Ome: Geography



Form 1-3: Ms. Workman (Ag)
Form 4 - 5: Mr. Pierre
Form 6: Ms. Foncette (Ag)

Non-Teaching Staff

Office Staff

Ms. Nathan: Secretary
Ms. Douglas: Bursar
Ms. Lewis: Office Assistant

Lab Technician

Ms. Gay-Dumont: Physics / Chemistry Lab


Mr. Donatien
Ms. Simon
Mr. Joseph
Mr. Edwards
Mr. Samaroo

I.C.T. Technical Officer

Mr. Toussaint

Library Staff

Ms. Lovell: Library Assistant
Ms. Cross: Library Assistant


Mr. Julien
Mr. Vialva