Founder's Day

Trinity College, Moka celebrates Founder's Day annually. This day commemorates the day in which Trinity College was established as an educational institution. On this day a mass is held in the hall of the school, following which new school prefects are announced and a main speaker would speak on the significance of the day and how it relates to the students' school life and personal development. After the morning mass students would then engage in an activity decided by administration that relates to Founder's Day.

Sports Day

Trinity College's Sports Day occurs annually in the Lent Term (the second term of the academic year). Sports Day is a friendly  competition amongst the four houses at Trinity College: Anstey (yellow), Gordon(red), Helps (green) and Rawle (blue). Although the Trinity College Sports Day occurs on one day, sporting activities begin weeks before, and these help to determine the eventual winning house. These events include field events (e.g. javelin throw, long jump), football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, the aerobic burnout (a fitness competition) and the cross country (a half marathon). These preliminaries culminate in the Sports Day, consisting of march past and track events.

Awards Day

On this day, Trinity College rewards students who perform and work exceptionally over the course of the previous academic year. These awards range from academic and co-curricular to commendation for contribution to college life and exemplification of Trinity College ideals. It is currently held at the MovieTowne complex, Port-of-Spain, in mid-October.

Valedictory Service

This is essentially a farewell service for graduating students of Forms 5 and Upper Six. Students receive attendance certificates on this day. It is also customary for students to receive school rings (not provided by the College) and take photos with each other afterwards.  This service is currently held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-of-Spain, in June.

Carol Service

This is a Christmas service of nine lessons held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral on the last Thursday of Michaelmas term (first term of the academic year). Students and staff of Trinity College and its sister school, Bishop Anstey High School, jointly participate in this always-memorable prelude to the December holidays.

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