7:45 a.m.                           Warning bell
8:00 a.m.                           Registration and prayers
8:10 a.m.                           Start of first period
8:50 a.m.                           Start of second period
9:30 a.m.                           Start of third period
10:10 a.m.                        Morning break
10:30 a.m.                        Start of fourth period
11:10 a.m.                        Start of fifth period
11:50 a.m.                        Lunch
12:45 p.m.                        Afternoon registration
1:00 p.m.                          Start of sixth period
1:35 p.m.                          Start of seventh period
2:15 p.m.                          End of last period, prayers and dismissal

Daily Schedule

Trinity College operates on a six (6) day cycle; meaning that each form (form 1 through 6) has a

different combination of subjects on each day. Please note that the day of the week does not

dictate what day it is on the school's timetable. The reason for this being that if for some reason

there isn't school on a day during the week (e.g. Public holiday) the next day school convenes

the timetable continues from the last timetabled day.

School Rule Book

Trinity College, Moka takes pride in its legacy of well mannered, well-disciplined and well-rounded students. As such please take the time to peruse the contents of this rule book, as this will be important for your child/ward's time at the college. The rule book covers all aspects of "Trinity Life" and should be read by any student interested in attending Trinity College.

Term Calendar

Trinity College calendar of events lists all events at the school for the current academic term. This includes Parent Teacher meetings, days there would be no school, Mid-term and End of Term report book collection, etc. Please ensure to have this calendar of events close at hand to keep track of the happenings at Trinity College.